Information about THC-O

THC-O is a short name for tetrahydrocannabinol acetate or THC-O-acetate, which is a derivative of THC. Just like there are different isomers of THC’s, THC-O exists in different forms (e.g. delta-8-THC-O-acetate, delta-9-THC-O-acetate, etc.). THC-O is, though it is still derived from hemp, not a natural cannabinoid that exists in hemp. Due to the small structural change, some users feel THC-O more potent than D9 but no scientific evidence or official evaluation by the FDA has been done.

Can THC-O get you high?

YES. As mentioned above, the community believes THC-O is more potent, meaning it may get you high even more than THC. The effect is, however, highly dependent on the metabolism, dosage, administrative route (smokable, edible, etc.), and many other factors. If you are a first time user of THC-O, we recommend you to start from a smaller dose and gradually increase the dosage. Please note that edibles tend to take longer until you feel the effect so give it 1-2 hours before going for the whole bag of gummies!

Does THC-O show up on a drug test?

THC-O is likely to show up on your urine tests. THC urine tests give positive results on metabolites of THC and since THC-O is a derivative of THC, the antibody used for THC test can bind to the metabolites of THC-O. If you have to take any drug tests, it is better to avoid using THC-O products.

Is THC-O legal?

THC-O is derived from CBD from hemp that is compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. Therefore, it is technically legal at the federal level. However, some local jurisdictions have regulations that conflict with the Farm Bill and you are obliged to obey the said regulations while in the particular state/county. Moreover, since THC-O is a relatively new cannabinoid, we highly recommend you to check the most up-to-date laws and regulations before purchasing.

Are your THC-O products tested?

Our THC-O products are tested by certified third-party labs to ensure reliability of the results and quality assurance.

Is THC-O safe for pets?

There is not enough research on the effects of THC-O on pets, including cats and dogs. However, since THC is potentially toxic for pets, the use of THC-O on pets should also be avoided. In addition, since the vapor can contain THC-O, smoking THC-O around pets, especially indoor, is not recommended.