Rolled Green® Black Edition Spectrum THC-O Disposable Vaporizer

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Introducing our newest line of concentrate THC-O products, the Rolled Green Black Edition Spectrum THC-O Disposable Vaporizer. Boasting 12 top tier flavors and a mixture of sativas, indicas and hybrids, you don't want to miss these! 

Dead battery? Not a problem! Charge up your pen and keep on vaping! Long lasting, premium quality and ready to ship today! 

21+ only in States that have legal THC-O.

Due to the PACT act, every order is shipped with a required adult signature.

Shipping is a flat $6.90 and shipped first class through USPS.

THC-O is a short name for tetrahydrocannabinol acetate or THC-O-acetate, which is a derivative of THC. Just like there are different isomers of THC’s, THC-O exists in different forms (e.g. delta-8-THC-O-acetate, delta-9-THC-O-acetate, etc.). THC-O is, though it is still derived from hemp, not a natural cannabinoid that exists in hemp. Due to the small structural change, some users feel THC-O more potent than D9 but no scientific evidence or official evaluation by the FDA has been done.


Yes. As mentioned above, the community believes THC-O is more potent, meaning it may get you high even more than THC. The effect is, however, highly dependent on the metabolism, dosage, administrative route (smokable, edible, etc.), and many other factors. If you are a first time user of THC-O, we recommend you to start from a smaller dose and gradually increase the dosage.

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